Dougal Fox

Artist Bio

Dougal Fox has a storied and celebrated history with electronic music – from his beginnings of being a club punter in the early 2000’s Global Underground-esque world, becoming wrapped up in the rise dance culture was a part of how he conducted his affairs on a day to day level – a level of imprinting and deep respect for the love of the underground – this sudden jump one cannot make – the transition to label owner for Dougal was a natural progression in his life cycle as an artist, composer, writer and performer/DJ.  Quickly he was able to secure and begin his international DJ residencies – first in Sydney, Australia at the iconic super club ‘Home’, as well as New Zealand’s premiere club ‘Sandwiches’ in Wellington. Gonzo heady late night club music with flashing metallic synths set atop a laser wonderland.

Beyond the gilded chambers of dance halls and the pulsating beats within them, Dougal ventured out quite naturally into the realm of electronic music composition.  To that end, Ray of Light was the label that was borne from his vision, in that ‘[his] mission is to deliver a rich experience for listeners and to provide a solid representational platform to music producers both established and on the rise’.

Dougal’s vision at Ray of Light is based on us honouring the past and looking ahead to the future – new sonic possibilities within the overall glaze of house music and electronic music. Semantics, words, labels – forego this part of our discussion and let the music do the speaking. With world class musicians already onboard the label, such as Bushwacka!, Dave Seaman, Dusty Kid, Hermanez, Circulation, Glenn Morrison, Paul Keeley and many more – we will be excited to showcase this budding catalogue over the coming year.